Career Growth

Training and Development at Zamil Group

The conceptualization, resourcing, delivery and continuing improvement of training and development in Zamil Group are guided by these principles:

Training Options and Opportunities in Zamil Group companies

Employees may take advantage of a wide range of training and development opportunities that are usually offered in pursuit of the following:

Categories of training programs

The range of programs in operating companies vary but they generally fall under the following categories:

General Induction Program through an Individualized Training Plan or ITP

designed to familiarize the new employee on the company's history, organizational set-up, the nature of its business activities, product lines, the company’ policies and procedures, employee benefits and general expectations of the company from all its employees. This also includes a customized briefing on, exposure to, and familiarization with, the different operating units relative to his job.

Basic Skills Training through On-the-Job Training

a planned and structured series of learning experience to teach the employee skills and knowledge necessary either to meet performance standards of his job or improve current on-the-job performance.

In-House Training and Development Programs

these are common courses that cater to employees across job titles or functional areas designed to provide such employees with similar knowledge or skills deemed as complementary to the minimum competencies of their jobs. These are programs offered through in-house training capability and identified internal subject matter experts, programs such as Communication Skills, Team Building, Change Management, Behavioral Interviewing Skills, Performance Management Concepts and Skills and other technical skills training programs.

Outsourced Training and Development Programs

these are courses that cater to both a broad base or a targeted sector of employees depending on the identified training needs. Courses are given by a contracted training service provider where in-house expertise is lacking. This covers programs such as project management, Engineering design software/tools, professional enhancement courses, etc.

Leadership Development Programs

these are courses built around the leadership competency model of Zamil Group and usually engages the expertise of leading and internationally recognized management consultants, lecturers from top business schools and executive education providers.


Zamil Group applies the promote-from-within policy as a major component of its staffing strategy. Where a vacancy occurs, preference is given to the employee who is best qualified for the position. The company recruits externally where it fails to find suitable candidates from within. This way, qualified employees are provided opportunities for growth while the Company’s addresses it present and future competency requirements.

Equity in Promotions

The Group upholds the principle of equity in the promotion of employees. Neither the excellent performance of an employee in his present position, nor the absence of a suitable replacement in the event of his promotion should hold back a candidate for promotion. Race, nationality/ethnicity or religion do not influence promotion decisions.