Zamil Group HR Overview

Our Human resource policies and principles

All operating companies in the Zamil Group are guided by human resource management policies that help drive our strategic objectives, reflect our core values and represent best-fit practices while allowing flexibility for business or industry specific requirements.

Strength through Diversity in our Human Capital

Our manpower which currently is in excess of 21,000 is a tapestry of cultural and racial backgrounds. We gratefully acknowledge that our business success has been built by the skills, expertise, commitment, dedication and professionalism of our employees at all levels. Beyond the mix of languages and cultures, we embrace the diversity in our human resources as a source of our strength.
While providing our staff with the necessary resources and support that allow them to excel in their jobs and fields of expertise, we encourage the exchange of ideas on improving our business operations and generating improved results. We take care of our people knowing that how our customers are cared for is a reflection of how we take care of our people.

Compensation and Rewards

We offer competitive salaries. We have set in place mechanisms that allow the fair and systematic administration of compensation packages so that our staff’s salaries and benefits are commensurate to their role and the value they bring to the company. We recognize and reward good performance. To retain qualified and productive employees, we encourage accountability, provide the necessary support so employees succeed in their roles, and reward employees’ achievements and excellence on the job.

Investing in our human resources

The Group is strongly committed to nurturing its talents. It places utmost importance in creating a work environment that promotes continuous learning and development. Consistent with our promote-from-within policy, we identify high potential employees and provide them with opportunities for professional and career growth. To address individual development needs, employees can avail of various forms of training programs, delivered by both internal and external training providers.

Employee engagement and motivation

We value the active involvement of our employees in processes that seek to improve productivity, and the ownership of responsibility for results. We encourage the constant exchange of feedback between employees and managers and among departments and business units. This way, our employees feel they are important and that their contributions are valued.
We seek to proactively create a work environment where employees are motivated and constantly engaged.